Real-Time Frac Monitoring


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Oil & Gas:
Real-Time Control and Monitoring


Real-Time Wireless Data, QC and QA

SRD Innovations Inc.

SRD Innovations' patented hyMesh™ wireless solution was developed to collect data from a large seismic survey in real-time without bottlenecks. The solution consists of two parts, one a multi-hop ad-hoc cluster of nodes which collects the data from the geophones and the second part a wireless data pipeline that aggregates and transports the data from many clusters. The two solutions can also be applied to a wide variety of communications needs for data, voice and video. Applications range from remote site communications, to collecting data from remote Oil and Gas production sites, to monitoring pipelines for leaks and to video monitoring.


  • hyMesh™

    hyMesh™ is a patented wireless technology developed to collect real-time data with large capacity , tremendous range, very large coverage, with the ease of deployment and ease of use in all environments…

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  • Seismic

    QA or QC get the results you need to guarantee the best data for your next investment…

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  • Microseismic

    Use our technology to collect real-time data and make informed decisions during critical times through out the whole fracing process…

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  • Pipeline

    Gives many opportunities to monitor pre construction environmental surveys, during all construction, and operational monitoring including leak detection and prevention…

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  • Wireless Communications

    hyMesh™ can be used to provide remote site communications. It is easy to deploy for a work crew and can be moved along with them. It requires no infrastructure or data wiring. The crew can have local communications using the standard WiFi on their existing smartphones, tablets or laptops. A data pipeline can be used to connect to the nearest cell phone site, satellite dish, cable modem or router for connection to the Internet…

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  • Partnerships

    There are many opportunities to use hyMesh™ to improve business of all sizes and industries, please explore some of the papers written on this versatile technology and some of our success stories…

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